About NC

NC's philosophy

NC's philosophy

NC’s Philosophy of “Change of Non-Change”
By integrating Taiwanese’s producing technology and Japanese’s sprint, NC fights over the smallest trifles to accomplish its fundamental principle --- Affordable prices.
Every single day, NC has been facing changes and constantly innovating, progressing in the field of design, manufacturing processes, quality control, and logistics. Yet, the one thing stays unchangeable and non-compromising is our passion and devotion to the goal of saving lives.
First Priority
Improve Devices’ comfort level for Patients NC strives to develop and refine respiratory and anesthesia medical devices. Periodically, we conduct Satisfaction Survey to our distributors, doctors, and patients, which contributes to our attempts to vigorously redesign medical devices and to effectively enhance devices’ comfort level for patients.
Avoid Potential Risk Before R&D

Integrate Patients’ Feedback and Experts’ Suggestions Before Starting the R&D Process

Potential risk of therapy can be detected design of medical devices. To minimize the possibility of any potential risk, NC closely cooperates with doctors, paramedics, and professors at the very beginning of our devices design.

NC’s been cooperating with professionals who focus on aiding with complex analyses and helping teams analyze data innovatively throughout health economic projects. Leading interactions with clients and providing technical input on advanced methodologies innovatively. With the data analysis and statistical methodology application, we are able to develop safe, effective and stable medical devices.
Design for Perfection
Besides ill-designed products, it is found that many product recall cases are due to the facts that some companies merely design to meet the basic international standards. NC's R&D team is consisted of designers, engineers, the QC Dept., and the Production Dept. At the designing stage, the Dept. will set the strictest criteria and standards for new products, while the Production Dept. is responsible for assisting designers to meet the goals.
Possess More Than 840 Strict Quality Control Gate Inspections

Among our major 28 product lines, each line has over than 30 strict quality control gates. From IQC (Incoming Quality Control), IPQC (Input Process Quality Control), to FQC (Final Quality Control), meeting ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and ISO requirements, NC’s medical devices supply the highest quality for customers worldwide.