Accessories for Reusable Breathing Circuit
‧ Made of highly transparent material, allowing visible check.
‧ PC Water Trap can be sterilzed by autoclave up to 125℃.
‧ PSF Water Trap can be sterilzed by autoclave up to 134℃

REF No. Description
NCS-861R Reusable Breathing Bag(Silicone), 0.5L
NCS-862R Reusable Breathing Bag(Silicone), 1L
NCS-863R Reusable Breathing Bag(Silicone),2L
NCS-864R Reusable Breathing Bag(Silicone), 3L
NCS-860S-TL Test Lung, 65 ml
NCS-861S-TL Test Lung, 0.5 L
NCS-862S-TL Test Lung, 1 L
NCS-890-1-12 Water Trap, 60 ml (PC)
NCS-890-1-3 Water Trap, 60 ml (PSF)
NCS-890-1-10 Bi-Wye Connector w/ two parts (PC)
NCS-890-1-1 Bi-Wye Connector w/ two parts (PSF)
NCS-890-1-24 Bi-Wye Connector, 10M-10M-15F, 6.0mm port, 4.3mm barb port (PC)
NCS-890-1-25 Bi-Wye Connector, 10M-10M-15F (PC)
NCS-890-1-32 T Connector, 10M-10M-7.6F (PC)
NCS-890-1-14 Reusable Double Swivel Elbow w/ Suction Port, 15M-15F/22M
NCS-890-1-15 Straight Connector, 22M/15F - 22M/15F (PC)
NCS-890-1-6 Straight Connector, 22M/15F - 22M/15F (PSF)
NCS-890-1-20 Straight Connector, 15M/10F - 10M (PC)
NCS-890-1-19 Straight Connector, 15M/10F - 10M (PSF)
NCS-890-1-17 Straight Connector, 22F-10M (PC)
NCS-890-1-8 Straight Connector, 22F-10M (PSF)
NCS-890-1-33 Silicone Tube, 15 cm, 22F-15F, for individual use or connecting with elbow connector
NCS-890-1-34 Exhalation valve, 3-way, with angled port, 7.6F port w/ cap, 6.0mm port w/ cap
NCS-100C-17 Silicon Head Strap, Silicone, non-sterile