High Flow Nasal Cannula
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High Flow Nasal Cannula

Heated and humidified patient interface for precise oxygen delivery, reducing intubation by 30% and ICU days by 50%*
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Allowing HCPs to deliver precise concentration of oxygen from 2 – 60 LPM, VentiPro™ HFNC enhances patient comforts, helps to recover faster and avoid invasive respiratory therapy**.

*Main clinical benefits include:

*Product features and benefits

*Instruction for Use

REF Size Description Single Packing Pack Size
NCS-561 Large High Flow Nasal Cannula Blister 50
NCS-562 Medium High Flow Nasal Cannula Blister 50
NCS-563 Small High Flow Nasal Cannula Blister 50
NCS-564 - High flow tracheostomy direct connection Paper PE Bag 50
Carton Dimension: 57x37x52 cm

Data source:
*High-flow nasal oxygen reduces endotracheal intubation: a randomized clinical trial. Ricardo Andino, Gema Vega, Sandra Karina Pacheco, Nuria Arevalillo, Ana Leal, Laura Fernández, María Jesús Rodriguez
**Nasal high-flow oxygen therapy in patients with hypoxic respiratory failure: effect on functional and subjective respiratory parameters compared to conventional oxygen therapy and non-invasive ventilation (NIV), Norbert Schwabbauer 1, Björn Berg 1, Gunnar Blumenstock 2, Michael Haap 1, Jürgen Hetzel 3, Reimer Riessen 1. PMID: 25110463 PMCID: PMC4126617 DOI: 10.1186/1471-2253-14-66