Aerosol Therapy

Aerosol Therapy
“Your patients deserve a better aerosol therapy.”
  • An effective aerosol therapy is related to various factors. NC is dedicated to providing patients with more effective aerosol therapy with superior performance.

    • Smaller particle size
    • Better performance

    • Particles of 1-5 m penetrate to the lower airways and lung periphery.
  • *MMAD: Mass median aerodynamic diameter.
    *GSD: Geometric standard deviation.

    The NC’s nebulizer bottles were tested with:

    • Drug: Salbutamol sulfate (unit-dose 5.0 gm/2.5mL) without dilution.
    • Power: source: Compressed air with flow at 6 L/min.
    • Sampling equipment: 8-Stage Anderson Cascade Impactor with a flow of 28 L/min.
    • Drug analysis: UV spectrophotometry.

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