Anesthesia Breathing Circuit

Anesthesia Breathing Circuit(Single Use)
Bagging System (Mapleson C)
The NC’s VentiProTM Bagging system (Mapleson C) is used in Critical Care Units, theatre recovery and the accident & emergency departments. It is used as a resuscitation device and during the transportation of patients when manual bagging is required.
T-piece Breathing System (Mapleson F)
It's been several years since NC got inquires of different kinds of T-piece Breathing System from global partners. Now we are glad to launch the T-piece Breathing System which is perfect to spontaneous breathing and ventilate infant manually.
Basic Bain Circuit

The NC’s VentiProTM Basic Bain Circuit utilizes the temperature of the exhaled air to maintain the temperature and moisture level of the air in the interior tubing. The range of Bain Circuit incorporate two models:
Basic Bain Circuit and Bain Circuit with Integral Monitoring Line.

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