Single Use Ventilator Breathing Circuit

Anesthesia Breathing Circuit(Single Use)
The NC’s VentiProTM Single Use Ventilator Breathing Circuit range is designed with extra lightweight patients’ better comfort, which is essentially needed in Intensive Care Units. All materials adopted by NC are conformed to international bio-compatibility standard.

The range of circuit incorporates three types:
Corrugated, Collapsible (extendible), and Smooth Bore circuit.

Corrugated Circuit
  • Extra lightweight for patients’ better comfort.
  • Flow rate can be maintained then twisted from 0◦ to 360◦
  • Adult and Child Circuit availale.
Collapsible Circuit
  • Extendible and flexible circuit can provide elasticity and resist crushing.
  • dult and Child Circuit availale.
Smooth Bore Circuit
    • Smooth Bore interior circuit wall effectively minimizes flow resistance, dead space, and water accumulation.
    • Flexible and soft connectors (machine end) can provide secure fitting.
    • Apple Scented Connectors effectively reduce patients’ nervous mood.
*The above elbow connectors (patient end) is swivel and can be disassembly, also providing the most convenience.
*The above Parallel-Wye connectors come with/without monitoring ports, according to your requirement.

Ventilator Breathing Circuit
  • 80% of the circuits are checked through NC’s “AOG gate.”
    To keep our promise – DEVOTED TO SAVING LIVES, our strict Quality Assurance inspector is checking the “AOG” (Appearance of gluing and connecting).
  • 100% of the circuits are tested “Resistance to Flow & Leakage Test”
    To ensure NC’s VentiPro Breathing Circuit will function perfectly, each of circuits should pass the Resistance to Flow Test and the Leakage Test.

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