Accessories for Breathing Circuit (Single Use)

REF No. Description
NCS-861 Breathing Bag, Latex-free, 0.5L
NCS-862 Breathing Bag, Latex-free, 1 L
NCS-863 Breathing Bag, Latex-free, 2 L
NCS-864 Breathing Bag, Latex-free, 3 L
NCS-861L Breathing Bag, Latex, 0.5L
NCS-862L Breathing Bag, Latex, 1 L
NCS-863L Breathing Bag, Latex, 2 L
NCS-864L Breathing Bag, Latex, 3 L
NCS-803A Water Trap, 30ml
NCS-859 Monitoring Line, 2m, male/male
NCS-859-1-1 Monitoring Line, 2m, male/female
NCS-803A-1-3 Elbow Connector, w/swivel Luer Port
NCS-803A-1-4 Parallel-Wye Connector
NCS-803A-1-5 Parallel-Wye Connector
NCS-803A-1-17 Parallel-Wye Connector w/ MDI port, 6.0mm pressure line angled port
NCS-803A-1-11 Bi-Wye Connector, w/ 7.6mm temperature port and 6.0mm pressure line angled port
NCS-803A-1-6 Bi-Wye Connector w/ two 7.6mm temperature ports
NCS-803A-1-7 Bi-Wye Connector w/ 7.6mm temperature port
NCS-803A-1-1 Straight Connector, 22M/22M
NCS-803A-1-2 Straight Connector, 22F/15M
NCS-832-25 Straight Connector, 15M/15M
NCS-832-27 Straight Connector, 22M/22F
NCS-803A-1-19 15M-15F/22M, w/ angled Luer port with cap
NCS-803A-1-20 15M-15F/22M, w/ angled 10mm port
NCS-832-41 15M-15F/22M, w/ angled Luer port with cap
NCS-832-42 15M-15F/22M, w/ angled 10mm port
NCS-832-43 15M-15F/22M, w/ 7.6mm port
NCS-832-40 Elbow Connector, 22M-22F, w/ 7.6 mm temperature port, for humidifier chamber
NCS-890-3 Autofeed Humidifier Chamber, 22M-22M, w/ inlet tube, water-level indication
NCS-832-33 Straight Connector, 10M/22F
NCS-832-34 Straight Connector, 10M/22F, w/ port
NCS-832-35 Straight Connector, 10M/15M
NCS-832-36 Straight Connector, 22M/22F, 6.0mm pressure line angled port
NCS-832-31 Straight Connector, 22M/22F, 7.6mm temperature port
NCS-832-32 Straight Connector, 10M/10M, 7.6mm temperature port
NCS-832-37 Straight Connector, 22M/22F, MDI port
NCS-832-28 T Connector w/cap, for nebulizer bottle
NCS-803A-1-12 Tube Hanger, Adult
NCS-803A-1-13 Tube Hanger, Child
NCS-803A-1-14 Tube Clip, Adult
NCS-832-29 Exhalation Valve, 2-way, w/angled port, 2m tubing
NCS-832-30 Exhalation Valve, 3-way, w/angled port, 2m tubing
NCS-844-1-1 Breathing Tube (Corrugated), Adult, 100ft(6 inches segmented)
NCS-844C-1-1 Breathing Tube (Corrugated), Child, 100ft